Repeat: Like an Idiot

I haven’t been blogging or knitting since moving apartments last month (and getting ready to move before that.) But I have uncovered all of my knitting supplies and yesterday was catching up on episodes of The Curious Handmade podcast. She read my comment aloud about holiday knitting and reminded me I should be blogging and working on holiday knitting.

The question was “What is it about gift/holiday knitting that you find most difficult?”

My answer:

1. You spend a lot of time thinking, is Jane a cable kind of girl?
2. You decide no one deserves a knitted gift anyway.
3. In November you remember how sad your brother was last year when he didn’t get a hat. You decide to knit one hat.
4. Somehow by December you are knitting hats and socks and scarves at an insane pace and end up giving people IOUs.
5. At some point in December you are not wearing gloves–or a hat and start to think, how did I not knit myself something!

You repeat this process every year like an idiot.

This year. I am doing things differently. But still not planning ahead.

I have one sock finished, a quick hat planned and currently on my needles the Windschief hat for myself!

Stay tuned for my holiday queue and recommendations for audiobooks, movies and podcasts to keep you company while you cozy up by the fire and knit.

Repeat: Like an Idiot

A Library Haul


Full disclosure: I am a librarian and I think you should check out books from your local library. The tagline for knitting books at your library should be STOP! Save your money. Find out if that knitting book is total sh*te before you buy it.

I randomly checked out a stack of books while getting Knit to Flatter by Amy Herzog and I’m in LOVE with Nordic Knits by Martin Storey. I want to knit almost everything in the book. There are snowflake coasters, pillows, Fair Isle scarves and hats, vests, cabled hot water bottle covers. Just an assortment of things that are all cozy, practical and beautiful. Storey is one of Rowan’s top designers and the book has a very Rowan “look.” I love that there are several items for some of the Fair Isle and cable designs. A cabled snood is not exactly my style but the same cable pattern is also done in a pair of slouch socks that I totally want to wear while reading a book on a Sunday morning. This book is definitely going on my to buy list.

Side note: The Pet Projects: Animal Knits Bible by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne is one of the more interesting knitting books I have ever seen.  Always wanted to knit a hibernating tent for your turtle or a fireworks muffler hat for your dog? This book is for you. In all seriousness though if you do have a dog who needs to wear sweaters in the winter there is lots of great information on fitting and knitting dog sweaters. 

A Library Haul

Finding My Mojo



yarma_medium2 I finished the baby sweater after 2 months. Yes two months. Oh well.  It is nothing to write home about, but it still turned out cute as most things in baby sizes do. 

Finishing though was a b*tch. Seriously. I was really unhappy with the way the sleeves were set in and the edges were not neat at all. This was probably due to the fact the pattern was for a beginner and just missing those “finishing touches.” I also hate seaming because I’m terrible at it.  

Which leads me to how I’ve recovered after a bit of a knitting slump and not wanting to knit anything. 

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Finding My Mojo

Summer Wish List

Happy first day of summer! I am still knitting that baby sweater and my efforts have been even more stymied by our new kitten.  No matter where Watson is in the apartment or how deeply he is sleeping it only takes a few stitches before he is eating my knitting and my  fingers.

I may never finish another project again, but here is to hoping.  My summer knitting wish list.

The Ogee Lace Skirt is still in my queue due to lack of appropriate yarn.  If anyone has any ideas or has knit this skirt; should I forget about this project completely? Please comment!

The thing I’m most excited about though is steeking a coffee cozy.  I cannot bring myself to just cut up a sweater for my first steeking project but a coffee cozy I have the nerves for.


Summer Wish List

Knitting Pattern Included.

Code_Name_Verity_-_Electric_Monkey_coverHave you ever watched a movie and thought “Oh I want to knit that sweater.”

Or, read a book (um…Harry Potter) and thought “God I wish there was a pattern for that.”

Well friends, I just finished reading Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein and she includes vintage knitting patterns to go along with her book on her blog!  The gloves I kept reading about were right there for the knitting! The pullover is not really my style but the fact that Wein sorted through vintage U.K. knitting patterns from the 1940s to find what she imagined these two items in the book to look like is amazing.

The book is a young adult novel, but don’t let that deter you–it is everything a great novel should be: strong female characters, adventure, suspense, bravery, etc. I won’t say anymore because there isn’t much you can say without ruining it. If you are too busy knitting the book is available on audio and the two narrators are fabulous.

The Verity pullover, Maddie’s gloves and a knitting pattern for WAAF (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force) dolls can all be found here, but I recommend reading the book first. It is so freaking good.

Knitting Pattern Included.

The road to [knitting] hell is paved with good intentions

I have been knitting a baby sweater for weeks.

It is not a hard baby sweater, or an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise jacket, there are no color changes or cute lace motifs.  It is a very simple pattern from Debbie Bliss’s Baby Knits for Beginners that my coworker picked out for her new granddaughter.  In a moment of compassion I said, “Oh I can knit that for you.” My coworker is a brand new knitter, but really wanted to make something nice for her newest family member. So she knit the baby hat and I am knitting the sweater.

Having never knit an item for another person I made several mistakes.  So if you ever find yourself offering to knit something for someone I have some advice.

1. Don’t. Especially if said person is a non-knitter. They have no idea how much time you will spend knitting said item.

2. If you must (but you really shouldn’t) pick out a few patterns YOU would be willing to knit and have them chose from the listp. Don’t let them blindly pick out a pattern for you–inevitably the pattern will be too easy, not written well or too hard.

3. Pick out the yarn together.  I’m insanely unhappy with the way this baby sweater is draping and would have picked different yarn than the lady who helped my coworker at the yarn store.

4. Double check. Double check the yarn. Double check the pattern. Double check for errata online.

I am almost certain there is not enough yarn for this baby sweater.

The road to [knitting] hell is paved with good intentions

Happy Summer. Happy Shawl.

Last weekend was the unofficial start of summer and by this weekend it is officially feeling like summer here in the South.

For the next week I’ll be featuring summery things, my summer knitting wish list and of course summery drinks to sip while you knit. First up my lovely finished shawl–and let’s be honest blocking this baby covered a multitude of sins on my part.

The pattern Verdaia is available for purchase on Ravelry and was super fun to knit and easy to memorize. I used Unplanned Peacock Studio Twisty Sock.  If you are not familiar with their yarns, do yourself (but maybe not your wallet) a favor and check them out! The yarns are scrumptious and solid and the colors are always breathtaking.

Beer of choice to celebrate my first finished object of summer, Mother Earth Brewing‘s Park Day.  Like Unplanned Peacock I just cannot get enough of Mother Earth. In North Carolina we are serious about beer and this brewery does everything right. I have not yet had a beer from them I did not like.  Park Day is their newest warm weather beer and it’s lovely for sitting on the porch (or park, or beach.)




Happy Summer. Happy Shawl.